meanwhile on another planet …

Weird vehicles, no visible engine. They move around silently across that wide flat field. Some are driven by the wind, some obviously are battery-powered. Happy people everywhere.

flying straight to Colorado …

Waking up, lying beyond the edge of Tempelhof airfield. That’s how the first song of the EP “Slow Days” came about. I felt one of those kites taking me along. So I slipped through my dream and flew to Colorado. This vision led me directly to the goddess of the ukulele: “Danielle ate the Sandwich”.

“Slow Days”

It has always been the dream to produce my own music. Now, as a grandpa, I’m ready for it. At Klanglabor Berlin – far out, at the southern end of the city – I learned and explored all the details of songwriting and music production. The daily journey through those slow days of our suburban village finally gave birth to the title of my debut EP: Slow Days.

Uke Pop
from Berlin

My music is my autobiography. I am about to produce electronic music and ukulele pop songs. The debut EP “Slow Days” is a first demonstration of lessons learned concerning my ability to write, sing and produce. Take it as my contribution to the steadily growing community of Uke Pop.

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